“This country is so divided.”

I hear this daily from Democrats and Republicans as well as all other politically affiliated groups. We all appear to have the same concern, yet our belief and thought of how we can move towards resolving it could not be more distinct. Between the media, and our country’s leadership, there is not enough effort towards doing what it takes to create less of a division. In fact, there is more being done to fuel this plague. Much of the issue centers around the lack of communication people feel by leadership. I think it is easy for many people who feel ignored to jump on a negative bandwagon because it creates a platform for them regardless of its effectiveness. It is amazing how communication and understanding can provide a sense of relief and assurance that resolution is being sought and how much that decreases anyone’s desire to join in the fray of negativity and division. There are a ton of issues out there and each ‘side of the aisle’ has different priorities. And that is okay!


Below is a list of a few of the priorities that I feel are especially important. My goal is to ensure I combat these issues but please understand that if what YOU believe is an issue is not on this list, it does not mean that it will not be important to me when I am elected to office. I also understand that some of my priorities may not align with your beliefs. That is why I feel it is imperative that I communicate with the public to find solutions that are beneficial for all. I will attempt to educate others on why my views are important to me because I believe knowledge is power and will help in understanding why an issue is important. All I ask is to give me an opportunity, despite previous leadership’s lack of interaction with the district, to prove that my intention is to serve the ENTIRE district.

Equal Rights
We are better than this and frankly, I will always demand a higher standard with providing EVERYONE the rights we deserve as Americans. We are still having to counter the attempts of those who feel not all were created equal and it is sickening. All discrimination in our society today is unacceptable and must be eradicated. I strongly support and frankly will demand the rights of every individual regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or gender identity to name a few. Celebrating our diversity creates strong societies and simply defines who we are in Colorado and the United States.


Discrimination and oppression of any kind cannot be glorified or accepted in Colorado and our country. Colorado will be a national example of how a society of one will thrive beyond the idiocy of hate. With your support, I will assist in the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in Colorado and will advocate for it beyond our state lines because together we prosper.

BLM and Law Enforcement

Racism has been an issue in the United States since our inception. Despite our progress as a nation, this ugly trait still exists. In just the last several years, the tragedies of Eric Garner, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Elijah McClain represent a small number of criminal acts that have occurred in our country creating a divide between our law enforcement and our black citizens. I want to work to destroy that division in Colorado and throughout our country by reintroducing our law enforcement to our communities in a more personal manner.


I want to provide a platform for our communities to understand what our law enforcement is about, and also allow our citizens to voice concerns and expectations. This will provide our law enforcement their perspectives so we may work together to keep our society safe. We should all respect our law enforcement, but no one should fear them. We need to have a deep dive into the recruiting practices of our law enforcement and engage in discussions on better ways to get the most qualified applicants to protect and serve our cities and states. These may not always be easy conversations, however, they are necessary to ensure the safety of our citizens and I will have them. It is our responsibility to resolve this issue now. With your help, I will unite our community and law enforcement and prevent any future catastrophes while building a stronger and safer community because together we prosper.

Gun Reform

This should be a simple resolution and yet gun lobbyists and politicians dramatically complicate the issue by consistently promoting messages that create misconceptions of the importance and meaning of gun control. Laws must be passed to ensure the safety of our society by enforcing and preventing illegal purchases of any firearms. With smart gun laws and continued reinforcement of responsible gun ownership, we can minimize gun violence throughout our state and country. We also need to have discussions with professionals to gain ideas of how we can better protect our society from those who will go out of their way to obtain weapons illegally. These are the conversations I will have to find better solutions to this issue.


Many citizens of Colorado own guns for recreational use, and safety reasons to name a few, and many understand how important it is that firearms do not get into the wrong hands. Gun sense in Colorado and America is common sense. This is not a referendum against guns, this is a call for smarter laws for an advancing society. Work with me as I work to support legislation that will help provide better safety to all children and adults in Colorado while also demystifying the false storyline created by politicians and gun lobbyists because together we prosper.


Veterans are the pride of our country and I feel a personal responsibility to ensure that those who serve our country are given increased healthcare programs that ensure that any impacts they incur including PTSD are appropriately and efficiently treated. Our veterans react differently to being reinstated back into society as civilians. VA response times are currently inadequate and can no longer be ignored by the government.


Veteran suicide and homelessness are travesties and an epidemic I will do everything possible to combat. Veterans continue to face issues that should make EVERY lawmaker lose sleep at night until sufficient solutions are produced. I will continue working with the Colorado Department of Human Services to support and continue to enhance the new behavioral health program with your support because together we prosper.

Proposed Infrastructure Plan

I am hearing a lot of skepticism surrounding Biden’s Infrastructure plan proposal. While the full details are still not available, some aspects we know of the proposed bill can truly benefit Colorado. Consider the potential of repairing and rebuilding bridges, highways, and roads and assistance with reaching the goal of cleaning our air in our shift towards clean energy and along with boosting our regional Front Range Railway.


We can also celebrate the addition and expansion of high-speed broadband across our state most importantly our rural areas which lack adequate access for nearly 90,000 residents. With the support of this community, I will make certain we get broadband to every schoolchild and every small business in the district no matter how rural because together we prosper.

Colorado The Beautiful

Over 100 million metric tons of hazardous waste and gases pollute Colorado’s air every single year. We must reduce emissions and protect the health of the public. I will work with utility companies and power suppliers, to ensure that we accelerate our efforts to clean the air we breathe by minimizing sources of air pollution such as coal-burning power plants and adding solar and wind generation.


This is only the beginning. We also continue to battle the plastic issue in our state. Unrecyclable trash such as styrofoam pollutes our beautiful rivers and streams as it makes its way to the ocean. Banning plastic bags and polystyrene in Colorado is a priority and passing legislation such as House Bill 1162 would be a great start towards our goal of cleaning up our state. Work with me and I will lead the fight to protect our beautiful mountains, rivers, streams, and all of our landscape from the deadly effects of waste and pollution because together we prosper.

Solar and Wind Energy

Covid-19 hit our country hard, and we lost too many lives to this virus across our country. To make matters worse, our economy took a big hit as well. With the prospect of the new infrastructure plan and Colorado’s pre-Covid trend surrounding clean energy jobs, our economic recovery is dependent on the rejuvenation of our clean energy job growth.


Prior to Covid, Colorado had been a continual leader in the Mountain West for clean energy jobs and it is paramount that we prioritize the revitalization of this growth to recover from the pandemic. Clean energy jobs must be included as a top policy option for economic recovery. We will congruently save our environment and employ our people because together we prosper.


I detest how we have handled immigration as of late. Our country is desired by so many seeking a better way of life and a safe place for adults and children around the world. We must maintain an immigration policy that ensures others continue to arrive here legally but must also understand that those means may not be available for everyone. Many people seek asylum and come here to escape persecution. We must understand that we are the beacon for those who are oppressed.


We cannot have laws that divide families and create harsher conditions than where they come from. We are a better nation and a better people than that and I ask that you help support my aspiration to provide a strong immigration policy that is beneficial for our district, state, and country because together we prosper.