"I have many ideas and plans for how to continue the growth and prosperity in this district and country. Let me be very clear that the primary goal is to instigate the uniting of our community and country. I have never seen such division among neighbors, friends, and family as I see now. Congress is also divided and it has hindered their communications and ability to inact solutions for the American people. I do want to provide solutions for our country, but these goals will be irrelevant if I do not first help unite the people in Colorado, Congress, and the United States."

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Active Military and Veterans

As a Veteran of the United States Air Force Reserve, I not only respect the sanctity of our CONSTITUTION, but also the importance and reverence of our military members. The current representative for this district does a great job of talking about veterans when communicating to constituents, and getting photographed with our military men and women, but has authored ZERO legislation in our area. When elected, I will have a robust social assistance and medical program for active-duty members, veterans, and their families ready to be introduced. I will work for those members, active and veteran, along with their families to ensure they are given the advantages that we ALL know they have earned and deserve. CLICK HERE TO FURTHER THE CONVERSATION!

Equal Rights

I have absolutely zero tolerance for hate. I am aware that many of us are not the cause of structural and systemic racism in society and our economy, but that does not mean it is not our responsibility to learn from past mistakes and eradicate any lasting effects. El Paso County currently has no representation that disempowers racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry, or even white supremacy. I will promote equal rights and opportunities to ALL citizens to include women, the LGBTQ+ community, religious minorities, disabled people, Native Americans, and anyone discriminated against. I will help making it very uncomfortable for bigots to live in El Paso County. CLICK HERE TO FURTHER THE CONVERSATION!

Climate Change

We must do our part in combatting the rising concern of our climate. This is a state and federal issue we need more than just awareness, we need action. Right now in Colorado, a House Resolution (HJR 22-0283) is calling for an economy-wide carbon price to be enacted. We need federal legislation to pass legislation that would place fees on the potent fossil fuels being burned. Fees that would flow through the economy and incentivize businesses and people to switch to clean energy. 


In addition, we could not only provide clean energy solutions but also clean energy JOBS. That is a win-win for both our planet and our economy. Even if you do not believe in Global Warming, you can take solace that acts like this will result in cleaner air and a stronger economy. CLICK HERE TO FURTHER THE CONVERSATION!

Mental Health

Access to mental health care or substance abuse treatment should be available to every American – NO MATTER WHAT. I will help ensure that insurers are covering these treatments. I also think it would be important to invest in the hiring of mental health providers, substance abuse counselors, and peer support counselors. This is imperative for all Americans. I won’t allow privacy rights of people with mental illness be threatened and I will fight for and stress that we continue to work towards eliminating the stigma of having any mental illness or substance abuse.


Voting Rights

The power of the voice of the people is something that we cannot dilute. We must preach this power

and give people every opportunity to have their voice heard.  Colorado can and should be an

 excellent standard in how voting should be managed throughout the country. I am proud of our state

 and how accessible voting is here, and I will fight to make this a national norm. I will promote

 and press the Senate to pass this act as soon as I arrive.



I will fight for the rights of children and adults to get superlative education in America by helping make Universal Early Childhood Education available, by supporting and urging local school boards provide the best quality K-12 schools here, along with across the country, making college accessible and affordable, and by promoting the necessity and importance of trade schools. Student debt is currently overwhelming the people in America, and we need to relief now.


Violence Control

Our SECOND AMENDMENT is one of the most popular of the BILL OF RIGHTS. We the people take pride in this Amendment and refuse to consider any exception. The problem lies with certain interpretations of this Amendment and how politicians and lobbyists have complicated the issue by consistently promoting messages that create misconceptions of its importance and meaning. Congress is restricted from legislating away a state’s right to self-defense, but this wording asserts that citizens do not have an individual right to possess guns without the authority of local, state, and federal legislative bodies regulation.


We have much to learn about GUN CONTROL but educating ourselves with experts will go a long way towards preventing illegal purchases of any firearms. I know that most responsible GUN OWNERS will agree that not EVERYONE should own a gun. The ultimate goal is that responsible gun owners, safely store their guns so that they do not get into the wrong hands. I will work with local and national experts to create legislation to ensure that we help make our schools and streets safer from the violence that plagues our country. CLICK HERE TO FURTHER THE CONVERSATION!


I detest how we have handled immigration. Our country is desired by so many seeking a better way of life and a safe place for adults and children around the world. We must maintain an immigration policy that ensures others continue to arrive here legally but must also understand that those means may not be available for everyone. Many people seek asylum and come here to escape persecution. We must understand that we are the beacon for those who are oppressed and many times our international involvement has created a need for some to flee their country.

We cannot have laws that divide families and create harsher conditions than where they come from. We are a better nation and a better people than that and I ask that you help support my aspiration to provide a strong immigration policy that is beneficial for our district, state, and country. CLICK HERE TO FURTHER THE CONVERSATION!

Health Care

We must achieve affordable and quality healthcare. Universal health care would be amazing for

Our The people of America. We can achieve low health care costs while improving health care

quality. This will take work, but it is possible. I will advocate for Universal health care and find

solutions to get this passed that will be beneficial for everyone. CLICK HERE TO FURTHER THE CONVERSATION!