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I am here to shake up the establishment. I am not running a prototypical campaign because I am not a prototypical candidate. We can and will get back to electing the best possible candidate regardless of political affiliation.


I am running as a Democrat but am not defined by that. I am David Torres and what that means to me is far greater than an affiliation. The people of El Paso County, my hometown, will provide the standard to our country of how powerful humans who work together truly are. We are better than left vs. right, we are about solving real issues as a community. We are about

AND not or.

Upcoming Events

PPLD Meet & Greet Series:
Meet David
at the Library


Each week, David will be hosting meet-and-greets at local libraries and businesses throughout the county. These meetings are open to all regardless of political affiliation. Come with questions and see why David believes he will be the next representative for Colorado's 5th Congressional District.

This Week:


Saturday, June 25th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm


PPLD Old Colorado City Library (Old Colorado City Meeting Room)

2418 W. Pikes Peak Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80904